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All students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or zip code deserve an exemplary educational experience. We provide PK-12 districts, schools, universities, and education-adjacent organizations with training and support to produce outstanding and life-transforming educational outcomes for all students.

With the goal of lasting and impactful school transformation, we focus on three key impact areas:

  • Effective leadership

  • Exemplary instruction

  • Equity-focused practices, policies, and processes

We have an audacious goal of radically improving outcomes for historically marginalized and underserved students in PK-12 educational settings. We believe that student outcomes don't change by chance. The change we seek will only come from intentional action.


SLSJ is a non-profit consultancy offering a wide range of services to districts, schools, and educational organizations including professional development, strategic planning, and leadership coaching all designed to provide educators and educational leaders with the knowledge, mindsets, and skills to teach and lead for excellence and achieve equitable and exemplary student outcomes.

With more than 40 collective years of classroom, administrative, non-profit, and higher education experience, primarily in urban schools and communities, we bring a unique and very personal perspective to the work of transforming education.


Prospect High School, San Jose, CA
Leigh High School, Campbell, CA
Raintree School, Minneapolis, MN
St. John Paul II, Minneapolis, MN
Shasta High School, Oakland, CA
Boynton High School, San Jose, CA
Branham High School, San Jose, CA
First Baptist Academy, Dallas, TX
United to Learn, Dallas, TX

Chapel Hill Elementary, Dallas, TX
Carney Sandoe, Hiring & Belonging Conference
University of Vermont/B.E.S.T., VT
Oklahoma School Counselors Association, OK
Green Dot Public Schools, CA
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, CA
Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, TX
Prioritizing Excellence Conference, TX


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