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Bring JOY back to school! "Make School Magical Again" is a compilation of stories and very clear and actionable strategies to help you - and your students - love school school again!


Here's what people say about their Make School Magical Again experience:

  • I could listen to these two doctors for days. Excellent speakers. The movement breaks brought Joy to over 360 people. I will be bringing their joy and magic back to the classroom.
  • I loved how they got the audience involved and personalized their presentation with what made them feel the magic within the schools that they went to, and inspired educators to come up with new ideas to make their classrooms full of "magic" again.
  • This was my favorite thing about the entire 4 days!
  • What a wonderful and powerful message and delivered in an inspiring and uplifting way!
  • These ladies were wonderful. They really made my team want to bring the magic back to school and we constantly referred to them for the remainder of the conference.


And now, MSMA is a book! Pre-order today! 

Make School Magical Again PREORDER

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